July 2011 Garden pictures 014Thank you for stopping by.  Please visit often, to enjoy conversation with friends and sharing our interest in gardening, smaller homes and especially roses.

Cottage with roses will focus on organic gardening and welcoming birds, insects and other wildlife into the garden.   Roses don’t have to be high maintenance and choosing the right flowers for our area, means happier plants and gardeners.

Cottages are not only charming, but they’re a wonderful example of why smaller homes are so inviting.  Rooms are often open to each other and separated by beams or arches, rather than walls.  Families can interact with each other and enjoy light and views throughout the home.  But, cottages offer the details such as molding, trims, window seats and built in storage that make these homes so special.  And of course, all cottages should have a big fireplace that warms up the main living space.

Roses, other flowers and companion herbs are beautiful and often fragrant.  This makes  them especially well suited for potpourris, fragrant oils and aromatherapy.  Many flowers and herbs found in the garden can be used for cooking, baking, salads, tisanes and even medicines.  Have you ever tried rose jelly or nasturtium flowers, in your salad?

I hope you’ll visit often as we expand the blog and add recipes, pictures and new ideas for enjoying our cottage with roses.


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