Spring cleaning in the cottage and garden

Now is the time to get all the spring cleaning done, in your cottage and your garden.  In the cottage, it’s finally warm enough to open the windows for an hour or two in the afternoon and dust the bookcases, pare down the winter accessories and bring in some flowers.  Tulips and daffodils are everywhere at the store and will soon be up in the garden, too.  I like to change the fabrics and pillows this time of year and lighten everything up, to make it feel more like a garden inside and out.

In the garden, it’s a great time to pick up any garden debris,  rake up any old leaves and start pulling out those little weeds.  Now is the time to weed, before they get those long roots that are almost impossible to pull out later in the spring and summer.  I like to wait until I see the bulbs peeking up, before I start weeding.  It’s such fun to find a small hyacinth or crocus as you clear out the garden bed.  It’s too wet to dig in our clay soil, but by this time next month, the vegetable garden will be ready for peas and potatoes, with broccoli and cabbage to follow soon after.  This year, I want to move the vegetable garden to the other side of the cottage and add some roses.  Roses over the small seating area and perennials along the fence, to bring in the bees and other pollinators, along with hummingbirds and butterflies later in the summer.  The current vegetable garden is going to be an herb and tea garden, along with fruit shrubs and more flowers.

What are your plans for spring?


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